Google Code Labs – Google Code

Google Code Labs is home to developer products that are still in their formative stages. Graduating from Labs is a big step, one that indicates long-term commitment on our part.

We distinguish products in Google Code Labs in a few ways:

  • Conical flasks

    Instead of the typical Google Code logo, Labs products have one with a conical flask as the “L”. If you look in the upper-left corner of this page, that’s the logo you’ll see for products in Labs. We’re admittedly fond of conical flasks so they may show up in other places as well.

  • Green is the new blue

    Instead of the blue page elements that you see on most Google Code pages, Labs products use green. For example, see the title bar above that says “Google Code Labs.” For Labs products, you’ll also notice “(Labs)” in the title bar, next to the product name.

Products in Labs

Graduates of Labs


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