arrogant_lucy: I went to Hyde Park recently

To investigate some odd structures that happen to have appeared there.

A man named Anish Kapoor has been employed by the government to make scientific equipment which has some kind of effect on the people viewing the equipment. It actually has a controlling effect. Sinister. Evocative, but I am unsure what of. It’s a mystery to be solved. What are they actually doing?

It could be anything, it would be silly to suggest anything yet without the necessary research. However, I do wonder whether the mirrors are some kind of magical object using the same kind of trick as what the financial institutions use. Mirror to reflect all of the criticisms resulting in them growing stronger even if bad spells are being put on them all around. That would be obvious. It would be interesting to find out if some other kind of process is happening with them that does not involve the reflection of ideas. Many people have suggested that other kinds of physical processes may be available if our minds are open to them, unfortunately we are earth born creatures. It might be that to comprehend such patterns of physical behaviour we would have to be from elsewhere.


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